Saturday 12 June 2010
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CLASS 1 Geld Mare 4 years old or over with no foal at foot
1st Inglegarth Prima FP4305 Mrs B A Hodgson 
2nd Brackenbank Rosebud FP4419 Mr & Mrs D Wilkinson 
3rd Bybeck Cherry Blossom FP3854 Mrs J Coates 
CLASS 2 Gelding 4 years or over
1st Foggy Gill Jack FP70287G Miss B Dent 
2nd Linnel Wanderer FP70753G Miss L Huschka 
3rd Lownthwaite Ronseal FP51197G Miss H Lightfoot 
CLASS 3 Veteran Mare or Gelding 15 years or over
1st Towerview Shadow Fax FP50265G Mrs M Catterall 
CLASS 4 Brood Mare 4 years or over with foal at foot
No Entries  
CLASS 5 Foal
No Entries  
CLASS 6 Yearling colt, filly or gelding
1st Dalewin Maisie FP5121 Mr A Anderson 
2nd Brackenbank Gabriella FP5000 Mr & Mrs D Wilkinson 
3rd Brunswyke Ebony FP5054 Mrs R Littlejohn 
CLASS 7 Two year old filly or gelding
1st Brackenbank Ebony FP4780 Mr & Mrs D Wilkinson 
2nd Towford Harmanie FP4772 Miss M Hall 
3rd Farleton Fern FP4918 Miss C Simpson 
CLASS 8 Three year old filly or gelding
1st Wellbrow Alma FP4590 Miss M Hall 
2nd Murthwaite Looks Promising FP71080G Mrs T M Mallinson 
3rd Greenholme Belter FP70929G* Miss H Lightfoot 
CLASS 9 Young Judges Class – Under 18 by 1 January 2009
1st Holly Pickup  
2nd Gabriella Ellis  
3rd Emily Littlejohn  

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