Hartpury College Carry Out Stride Length Reserach

A group at Hartpury College, Gloucestershire are currently investigating the stride characteristics of different breeds of native ponies.

Liz Launder; equine osteopath and herself a breeder of producer of native working hunter ponies is looking into differences between breeds in order to provide information for coursebuilders and judges at the working hunter pony conference on November 24th at the East of England Showground.

For the purpose of this study Hartpury College wish to trial as many native pony breeds as possible. The trial involves the ponies being ridden at walk, trot and canter, from collected to extended paces. Measurements are then taken of the pnies stride using the recently launched Pegasus system (www.etb-pegasus.org). This system, which has one sensor unit mounted on the withers and a second on the skull cap, enables data to be collected continuously whilst the pony is ridden around the school. After the test the data is downloaded onto a PC in order to produce graphs of stride length and stride frequency plotted either against time or speed.

Anyone who owns or shows a native pony and who is interested in taking part in this research should contact Kathryn Nankervis for more details on (01452) 702123 or by e-mail kathryn.nankervis@hartpury.ac.uk

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