How To Create A New Gallery Album

Creating Your Gallery Album

Once you have registered as a gallery owner you can create as many galleries albums as you wish. Before you can create your new album you must first log in to the Gallery

Step 1: Accessing the Gallery As A Registered User

i) i) To access the Gallery as a registered user select "login" from the top left-hand corner of the Gallery screen.

ii) A "Login to Gallery" pop-up window dialogue box will appear. Into this box enter your username and the password you selected during the registration process. If you have forgotten your password the dialogue box also gives you the opportunity to ask for your password to be e-mailed to you at the e-mail address you gave when you registered. If you have forgotten your username please e-mail for assistance.

iii) Please be patient as it might take a few seconds for the Gallery to check your username and password, but if they are correct the menu in the top left-hand corner will change to welcome you as a registered user.


Step 2: Creating Your New Album

i) Select "new album" from the top left-hand corner of the Gallery screen.

ii) Please be patient as the Gallery creates a new empty album for you. Once the new album has been added to the gallery the screen will change to the "Album Management" screen. It is from this screen that you can add photographs or change the album title or the photo captions.

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