Vital Signs of a Horse or Pony

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All measurements below are for an adult horse or pony at rest

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Heart Rate: 36 - 42 beats/minute
Respiratory Rate: 8 - 12 breaths/minute
Temperature: 99 - 101 degrees
Mucous Membrane Colour: (See Note 1) Pink
CRT: (See Note 2) Less than 2 seconds
Skin Elasticity: (See Note 3): Less than 1 second
Note 1: The mucous membranes are the lining of a horse's eyelids, his gums and the inside of his nostrils and their colour indicate blood flow.
Note 2: Capillary Refill Time - Measured by pressing finger on gum above the front teeth and seeing how long it takes for the colour to return. The time indicates blood flow
Note 3: Skin elasticity - Measured by pinching skin and seeing how long it takes to return to normal. This indicates if the horse or pony is dehydrated.

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