Black Nightshade
High Risk
Latin Name: Solanum nigrum
Black Nightshade is a low to medium height annual plant, with blackish stems. It's flowers, which are white with yellow centres and are 10mm -14mm and in clusters of 5 - 10, appear between July to October. The berries are dull black when ripe and follow directly after the flowers. Black Nightshade can grow almost anywhere and can be found on disturbed ground, wasteland, farmyards, and nutrient rich soils.
Symptoms can include:
Severe abdominal pain, intense digestive disturbances, staggering, depression, stupidity, dilation of pupils, loss of appetite, diarrhoea

Plant varies in toxicity according to several factors e.g. climate, season and soil type. It is the berries which are poisonous. There have been few reports of horses being poisoned by this plant..