Plants Poisonous To Horses and Ponies

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 The following plants are poisonous to horses and ponies
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 Key to level of risk

 High Risk    Medium Risk

If you think you horse or pony has been poisoned you should consult your vet immediately
Acorns   Alder Buckthorn
Black Bryony   Black Nightshade
Box     Bracken
Broom   Buckthorn
Buttercup   Celandine - Greater
Charlock   Cherry Laurel
Chickweed   Clover
Columbine   Corncrockle
Cowbane   Cuckoo Pint
Darnel   Deadly Nightshade
Foxglove   Ground Ivy
Groundsel   Hellebore
Hemlock   Hemlock Water-dropwort
Hemp Nettle   Henbane
Herb Paris   Horse Radish
Horsetail   Iris
Laburnum   Larkspur
Lily of the Valley   Linseed
Lupin   Marsh Marigold
Meadow Saffron   Melilot
Mercury   Monkshood
Oak   Pimpernel
Poppy   Potato
Privet   Ragwort
Rhubarb   Rhododrendron
Rush   St Johns Wort
Sorrel   Spurge
Thorn Apple   White Bryony
Woody Nightshade   Yew
The list of poisonous plants on this page does not necessarily include every poisonous plant that is known, or that might be found in a rural or urban landscape.
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