Deadly Nightshade
High Risk
Latin Name: Atropa Bella-donna
Deadly Nightshade is a tall perennial plant, with blackish stems which can grow to 1.5m in height It's flowers, which are bownish violet or greenish look like nodding bells. The are 25mm -30mm and are solitary at the the joints of the upper leaves. Deadly nightshade flowers appear between July to October. The berries are shiny black when ripe and surrounded by the remains of the flower. Deadly Nightshade can be found on damp or shaded habitats, woodland clearings, pathways, srub, and rocky places.
Symptoms can include:
Dilated pupils and inability to stand.

All parts of the plant are poisonous especially the seeds and roots. There have been few reports of horses being poisoned by this plant although it is not normally fatal.