Hemlock Water-Dropwort
High Risk
Latin Name: Oenanthe crocata
Hemlock Water-dropwort is a tall hairless, parsley scented perennial whic can grow 1.5M high. The plant produced umbarella like clusters of small white flowers (2mm across). It is found, as it name suggests in wet habitats, freshwater margins, ditches, although it also grows in damp meadows and on wood;and edges. It flowers June - August.
Symptoms can include:
Salivation, dilated pupils, convulsions. Death is usually rapid after ingestion of the plant. If the horse does survive, it has been reported that one or more limbs usually remain paralysed.

All parts of the plant are dangerous. Because it likes wet conditions care should be taken when carrying out ditching or drainage work which expose the roots especially in winter. Hemlock Water-dropwort is often mistaken for cow parsley and other members of the parsley families.