Your Pony's Respiration Rate

The average respiration rate of an adult horse or pony at rest is 8-12 breaths per minute. However this will increase with hot or humid weather, exercise, fever or pain. It is important to remember that the respiration rate should never exceed the pulse rate and a horse or pony should spend equal time inhaling and exhaling.

If your horse or pony is breathing rapid while at rest seek veterinary attention immediately,

To check your horse or pony's respiration rate watch or feel the ribcage or belly for one minute. Remember 1 inhale and 1 exhale counts as one breath (not as two). Each breath is fairly slow. If it is difficult to see the ribcage moving place your hand in front of the horses or pony's nostrils to feel the animal exhale.

An even better method is to place a stethoscope to the horse's windpipe to listen to his breathing. Using this method will also allow you to listen directly to the sounds the air is making as it passes along the windpipe and any strange sounds may indicate if the horse's windpipe is blocked by mucous or if the animal has allergies or heaves.