Exmoor "Horsebeast" Heritage Exhibition

A new exhibition, put together by members of the Exmoor Pony Society, has recently opened at the Guildhall Heritage Centre in Dulverton, Somerset. The exhibition which is titled "Exmoor Horsebeast Heritage" tells the story of ponies and their relationship to people from prehistoric times to the present day. Ponies as a source of food, the farming community's reliance on the breed, their use as a source of transport and power, their near extinction, and today's use for enjoyment and leisure are all documented. Also on display are artefacts, memorabilia, and collectables all relating to Exmoor ponies. And if you are wondering why "Horsebeast" is used in the exhibitions title it is because the word pony was not used on Exmoor until the middle of the nineteenth century!

The exhibition runs until October 2006 and admission is free.
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