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News Archive Index - Page 1
On these pages you will find past news items. While the information they contain may
be out of date they may well serve as a useful source of reference

Summer 2006 Exmoor "Horsebeast" Heritage Exhibition
Summer 2006 Fell Ponies Take Part In Bright Eyes Trial
Summer 2006 John O'Groats to Lands End Marathon Pony Ride
Summer 2006 Shetland Ponies Help Conserve MOD Land
Autumn 2006 New Forest Colt Foal Sells for 475 Guineas
Autumn 2006 Fell Pony Book Wins Top Prize In Literary Competition
Autumn 2006 Adopt an Exmoor Pony
Autumn 2006 Connemara Ponies Win Telus Battle of the Breeds
Winter 2006 New Forest Ponies Win Another National Championship
Winter 2006 Desert Orchid
Winter 2006 One of Last Surviving Pit Ponies Dies
Winter 2006 Fell Pony Society Chairman Awarded MBE
Winter 2006 Hannah Shotton's Connemara Pony - Miss Molly Malone
Winter 2006 New Foresters at Olympia
Winter 2006 Scottish Exmoor Pony Riding Club
Winter 2006 Kerry Bog Ponies - Irelands' Rare Breed
Spring 2007 Newforest Price Increases
Spring 2007 Listen Again To Native Pony Radio Programmes
Spring 2007 Fell Pony Trotting and Fun Day
Summer 2007 A Busy June For Scottish Exmoor Pony Riding Club
Summer 2007 Dartmoor Heritage Pony Sale and Family Fun Day
Summer 2007 Dartmoor Heritage Pony Adoption Scheme
Summer 2007 New Exmoor Pony Website
Summer 2007 Chincoteague Ponies - America's Unique Breed
Summer 2007 Fell Pony Society Chairman Collects MBE
Summer 2007 Colin Bell takes part in the
first Pony Club Scottish Endurance Team Challenge
Summer 2007 Copperbeech Fell Ponies Take 4 out of 5 Top Places At Cornwall Show
Autumn 2007

Wild Welsh Mountain Ponies In Danger Of Disappearing
Autumn 2007 Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust Sale
Winter 2007 Dartmoor Pony Training Centre Information Day
Winter 2007 Some Forest Bred Ponies at the 2007 New Forest Pony Breed Show
Winter 2007 Fell Pony Society Awards 2007
Spring 2008 Fell Pony Foal Sells For 4,600gns
Spring 2008 Hartpury College Research Into Native Pony Stride Length
Spring 2008 NPS Wessex Region Spring Show 2008

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