National Foaling Bank- Urgent Help Needed!

National Foaling Bank- Urgent Help Needed!
Johanna Vardon has been running the National Foaling Bank for 43 Years During that time she has delt with 71,000 telephone calls and helped with 17,273 cases of dead mares or foals. She operates this service 24 hours a day!

In order to finance the National Foaling Bank Johanna launched a membership scheme costing as little as £20 per year or £30 per year which gives members access to her knowledge, help and advice.

Now due to a bank error all the current direct debit membership payments have been returned to the sender. If you are a owner or breeder who is a part of this scheme please please check your bank statements to see if your money has been returned or if you would like to become a member of The National Foaling Bank please contact Johanna Vardon MBE on: 01952 811234 or visit

You never know when you may need this help!

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