The Scottish Exmoor Pony Riding Club

A new club for lovers of Exmoor Ponies has recently been founded in Scotland. The Scottish Exmoor Pony Riding Club, whose President is Lisa Bell was established not only to promote the breed but also to allow members to compete in pony based competitions.

Lisa told Native Ponies Online, "Having been a member of several BRC affiliated riding clubs, I have often found that I have been unable to compete on a par with my 'horse riding' friends because I choose to ride Exmoor ponies. It is not that my ponies are not capable, but more that they excel in a slightly different way to the horse. As the membership of most riding clubs consists of adults riding horses, their activities reflect this. I felt it was time to provide a club for the adult who prefers to ride ponies, and to tackle the 'pony prejudice' I have so often encountered in the horse world. This, tied in with my own passion to promote the rare Exmoor Pony, has led to the founding of the."

"Membership is open to anyone concerned with the promotion of the ridden Exmoor Pony who resides in Scotland. To meet the varying needs of these people, several membership packages will be made available - Standard, Student, Junior and Non-Riding. It may be that the requirement of the membership is that we divide into smaller areas for regular events, and join together as one for larger scale activities. The importance is that the club will be tailored to suit the membership and not vice versa."


 The aims of the Scottish Exmoor Pony Riding Club are:-

  • To encourage the use of the ridden Exmoor Pony for sport and recreation.

  • To promote good fellowship amongst riders of the Exmoor Pony and to improve and maintain the standard of riding and horsemanship.

  • To organise instructional meetings, lectures, competitive events and other activities which will further these objects.
  • To obtain affiliation to British Riding Clubs and to support and co-operate with recognised organisations interested in the breeding and use of the Exmoor Pony.

  • To concern itself with any object that will benefit the Exmoor Pony and its Rider

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