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News Archive Index - Page 2
On these pages you will find past news items. While the information they contain may
be out of date they may well serve as a useful source of reference

Spring 2008 College Students & Members of the Public
Shown Foal Handling Techniques
Spring 2008 New Group for Mountain and Moorland Enthusiasts in America
Spring 2008 National Foaling Bank- Urgent Help Needed!
Spring 2008 Hampshire Fire Service Rescue Veteran Mare From Freezing Ditch
Summer 2008 New Forest Ponies Jump into 2008 Season
Summer 2008 Dartmoor Hill Pony Sales List Launched
Summer 2008 Connemara Pony Donated To Riding For The Disabled
Summer 2008 Giving Dartmoor Heritage Foals a Future
Summer 2008 Fire and Rescue Service issues horsebox safety warning
Winter 2008 Lambrigg Black Jack wins Highland Pony Society Performance Awards
Winter 2008 Trapped New Forest Pony Save From Wire Fence
Winter 2008 Pony May Lose Sight After Being Shot In The Eye
Summer 2009

Welsh Hill Ponies To Be Exempted From Microchipping
Summer 2009 Leaflets to Help Horse Owners in Troubled Times
Autumn 2009 Fell Pony Syndrome Mutation Indentified 
Winter 2009 Equine Infectious Anaemia ( Swamp Fever )
Reported in Wiltshire

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